Zambia – Plant a Million Trees

As global climate experts meet in Bonn this week to discuss how to take climate action forward, Zambia counts itself amongst the leaders as President Edgar Lungu officially launches the Plant a Million (PAM) trees Initiative. Read the full article


About Us

What is the Initiative on Sustainability, Stability and Security (3S) in Africa?

It is an inter-governmental initiative that works to address the underlying causes of instability and prevent the emerging threats linked to the depletion and mismanagement of natural resources leading to chaos.
By tackling conditions such as land degradation and scarcity, rural unemployment, insecurity of tenure and competition for resources in a joined up way, the 3S Initiative is adopting an innovative approach.  The bold, innovative and ambitious approach has been widely acknowledged and welcomed by the international community.

At the First African Action Summit (Marrakesh, 16 November 2016), the Heads of State and Government launched the initiative and committed to accelerate its implementation building on their own resources and mobilizing multilateral and bilateral donors. See Declaration

The Migration Dialogue for West Africa (MIDWA) held in Abidjan in August 2016, the Agadir Commitment towards a Mediterranean Regional Initiative on Forest and Landscape Restoration adopted in March 2017 as well as the “Ouagadougou Call for Action on land-based jobs in Africa” launched on the 15th June 2017 all highlight African leadership.