Protection and Management of the Kariary and Ourba Watershed in the Ennedi East and Wadi Fira Regions

As part of the land degradation neutrality target setting program, Chad declared its commitment to restore 5,000,000 hectares by 2030 (SDG 15.3).

The 3S project will contribute to reaching this target through the recovery of degraded lands, improvement and sustainable management of natural resources, lands and water resources in the Kariary and Urba Watershed area. The two watersheds are located along the national route of the Great Green Wall, 2000 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide (3,000,000 hectares).

In addition to the local population (approximately 200,000 inhabitants), the region has hosted at least 27,000 refugees from neighboring countries since 2003/2004. In this mountainous area, a water catchment basin has been built in the Kariary area (East of the Region) to revive agricultural and pastoral production systems. To better manage this watershed and serve communities, it is necessary to create a second water retention pond and a green belt around the lake. To this end, the project plans to protect, reforest and support assisted natural regeneration of the perimeters. The production and planting of plants of fast-growing species with high ecological value and the restoration of degraded lands affected by water and wind erosion will be integrated into the approach.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the local populations whose activities depend directly or indirectly on the water from the artificial lake. These populations include farmers, ranchers and refugees. The latter will be among the biggest beneficiaries of the conservation of this water because UNHCR has installed a water treatment plant for refugees from Kariary camp. The project will develop 40,000 new jobs through the establishment of agro-business parks providing employment and income for farmers who were once agro-pastoralists. Agro-business parks can also offer a “return to the land” for young people who would otherwise migrate in search of employment.